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Michael Ciminell: Who Is, Biography, Wiki, Age And More

The Life Story of Michael Ciminell

Michael Ciminella, a local of the US, was brought into the world in 1945, making him 79 years of age in 2024. Although Michael has kept information about his upbringing and education private, his mother, Mary Bernadine Dalton, played a significant role in his life.

Michael was raised with strong morals and values in a Christian household. His early education in the community fostered his growing interest in business. This enthusiasm drove him to seek after advanced education, where he procured a four year certification, making way for his future in business and showcasing.

All through his life, Michael remained profoundly associated with his American roots and Christian confidence, which affected his own and proficient choices. He in the end left the business world, however his commitments had an enduring effect.

Michael died calmly in Kentucky, an express that he loved profoundly. In his formative years, he developed resilience and tenacity, which he carried with him throughout his life.

Who is Michael Ciminella?

Michael Ciminella, who was previously married to Naomi Judd, is well-known for his career as a professional baseball player. Their marriage, which endured from 1989 to 1998, delivered their little girl, Ashley Judd. Before his union with Naomi, Michael played momentarily in the lower levels with groups partnered with the Detroit Tigers and the New York Yankees.

Michael looked into the real estate industry in addition to his sports career. He made the decision to lead a more sedate life away from the spotlight after his divorce from Naomi. In spite of this, he has once in a while surfaced in the news, especially because of chapter 11 procedures and claims of aggressive behavior at home made by his ex.


Full NameMichael Charles Ciminella
Year of Birth1945
Age (in 2023)About 78 years
Place of BirthAshland, Kentucky, United States
Current ResidenceLouisville, Kentucky, United States
Sexual OrientationStraight
Marital StatusMarried
Wife(s)Mollie Wells Whitelaw (married in 2010), Singer Naomi Judd (1964 to 1972)
ChildrenDaughter Ashley Judd
StepchildrenStepdaughter Wynonna Judd
ParentsThe late Michael Lawrence Ciminella and Mary Bernadine Ciminella
Alma MaterUCLA (MBA), Transylvania University (Business degree), Fork Union Military Academy (PG Football)
ProfessionMarketing specialist, businessman, sports producer
Known forBeing the first husband of late country singer Naomi Judd
Social MediaFacebook

Michael Ciminella’s age

Ciminella, born in 1945 in Kentucky, USA, is around 78 years old as of 2023. His exact birth date is not publicly known.

Height and Physical Appearance

Michael Ciminella was known for his commanding presence, standing at 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighing around 65 kg. His warm brown eyes, full of depth and intelligence, were among his most striking features. Complementing these were his distinguished white locks, adding a touch of elegance to his overall appearance. While specifics like his chest-waist-hip measurements, shoe size, or bicep measurements aren’t available, and his dress size remains unknown, it’s clear that his persona was reflected in both his personal and professional achievements.His unique appearance, combined with his resilience and tenacity, left a lasting impression on those who knew him.

The Family of Michael Ciminella

Michael Ciminella was the only child of his parents. He was born in 1914 in Westfield, Chautauqua, New York, to Italian-Sicilian immigrant parents. His father, Michael Lawrence Ciminella, lived until 1997 and was laid to rest in Kentucky at the age of 83. His mother, Mary Bernadine Ciminella, born in 1916, was a descendant of William Brewster, a pilgrim from the Mayflower. Mary and Lawrence tied the knot in 1945.

Relationship with his Sisters

The strength of Michael Ciminella’s family ties, particularly those with his sisters, is important in his life. The Ciminella siblings developed a strong bond based on their shared Christian values while growing up in a close-knit family in Kentucky.

Each brother followed his own path as they grew up, but their bond never wavered. Throughout Michael’s career, his sisters supported him through both successes and setbacks and were a constant source of love and support.

During Michael’s battle with addiction and efforts to rebuild his life, their unwavering support was especially important. The enduring nature of their relationship, based on mutual respect and shared experiences, is highlighted by this unwavering support from the family.

Michael’s story is a demonstration of the getting through characteristics of steadfastness, diligence, and versatility, all woven into the texture of his family ties.

How Michael Ciminella and Naomi Judd Crossed Paths

In the mid 1970s, in the energetic city of Nashville, Michael Ciminella and Naomi Judd ran into each other while pursuing their fantasies about becoming effective lyricists. They tied the knot in 1974, the same year Ashley and Wynonna, their daughters, were born.

They got divorced in 1988 after 14 years of marriage. Michael ran into a number of legal issues after the breakup, including multiple arrests. In 2001, he was convicted of assaulting his then-girlfriend and given an eight-year sentence.

After his delivery, Michael picked a calmer life, avoiding the public eye. Be that as it may, lately, he wound up in lawful questions once more, this time suing Naomi and Wynonna for criticism. A jury decided against him in 2016 and ordered him to pay Naomi and Wynonna $250,000 each.

What is his association with drug-related matters?

Michael Ciminella, the previous mate of eminent blue grass music craftsman Naomi Judd, has confronted serious medication related allegations from before. In 1989, he conceded to having and dealing cocaine, bringing about a two-year jail sentence. When he was caught with methamphetamine, which he intended to distribute, in 1991, his legal troubles continued. Following his guilty plea, this resulted in a sentence of three years in prison.

After his release, Ciminella claimed to be innocent, but there are still concerns about his involvement in drug activities.

What caused the end of their marriage?

The 18-year marriage between Michael Ciminella and Naomi Judd ended in 1988, allegedly due to Michael’s treachery.

Naomi felt like she had been hit by a car when she found out that Michael had been cheating on her. Following their separation, Naomi prospered in her vocation as a down home music star, breaking deals records and procuring various Grammy Grants.

Michael, on the other hand, has remained unmarried and has no children since their split.

What is Michael Ciminella up to nowadays?

Ciminella now resides in Louisville, Kentucky, with his wife, Mollie Wells Whitelaw, who hails from the same city. The couple married in November 2010. After his divorce from his first wife, who went on to achieve fame as an international country singer, Ciminella chose to live a more private life. Nonetheless, he has remained a devoted supporter of his daughter Ashley and his stepdaughter Wynonna, both of whom see him as a father figure.

Michael Ciminella’s net worth

Although Michael Ciminella’s wealth is unknown, numerous reports indicate that it is greater than $1 million. In addition, his family is secure financially. By 2023, his girl Ashley Judd, a notable entertainer, is supposed to have a total assets of roughly $14 million. Naomi Judd’s domain was esteemed at around $25 million when she kicked the bucket in 2022, when she was Michael’s ex. Wynonna, Michael’s stepdaughter, is also expected to have $12 million in assets by 2023.

Summary of Michael Ciminella’s Life:

Michael Ciminella, born in 1945 in Kentucky, had a diverse career that included a stint in minor league baseball and later involvement in real estate. He gained prominence through his marriage to Naomi Judd, with whom he had a daughter, Ashley Judd. Despite his early career aspirations, legal issues including drug-related charges marked a turbulent period in his life. After his divorce from Naomi, he remarried and now lives a quieter life in Kentucky, away from the public eye.

Facts about Michael Ciminella:

  1. Background and Early Life: Michael Ciminella was born in 1945 in Kentucky, USA. His upbringing was influenced by strong Christian values instilled by his parents.
  2. Career: He briefly pursued a career in professional baseball in minor league teams associated with the Detroit Tigers and New York Yankees. Later, he ventured into the real estate industry.
  3. Marriage and Family: He was married to Naomi Judd from 1989 to 1998, and they had a daughter, Ashley Judd. He later remarried Mollie Wells Whitelaw in 2010.
  4. Legal Issues: Michael faced legal troubles, including drug-related charges and domestic violence allegations. He served prison time in the early 1990s.
  5. Current Life: As of recent updates, Michael resides in Louisville, Kentucky, leading a private life and supporting his daughter Ashley and stepdaughter Wynonna.

FAQ about Michael Ciminella

  1. Who is Michael Ciminella?

Michael Ciminella is known for his brief career in minor league baseball, his marriage to Naomi Judd which produced their daughter Ashley Judd, and his subsequent involvement in the real estate industry.

  1. How old is Michael Ciminella?

Born in 1945, Michael Ciminella was around 78 years old in 2023.

  1. What legal issues did Michael Ciminella face?

Michael faced legal challenges including drug-related charges and allegations of domestic violence. These incidents led to periods of incarceration and legal battles with his ex-wife and stepdaughter.

  1. Where does Michael Ciminella live now?

As of recent reports, Michael resides in Louisville, Kentucky, with his current wife Mollie Wells Whitelaw.

  1. What is Michael Ciminella’s net worth?

Though his exact net worth isn’t specified, reports suggest it exceeds $1 million. His daughter Ashley Judd is estimated to have a net worth of about $14 million as of 2023.

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