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Edgardo Canales Introduction

Edgardo’s personal life has garnered public attention in addition to his professional achievements, particularly since he wed Puerto Rican actress Adria Arjona. Following their 2019 wedding, the couple received a lot of curiosity from the public and media.

Additionally, he is now more intimately known in the public eye due to his connection with Adria Arjona. The couple’s union represents the point at which the public and private domains converge and sheds light on Edgardo’s responsibilities as a loving husband and parent. The combination of these two aspects—the personal and the professional—provides a comprehensive portrait of Edgardo Canales, highlighting his wide variety of achievements and standing in the entertainment sector.

Who Is Edgardo Canales?


In 2019, Adria Arjona, a well-known Puerto Rican actress in the US entertainment business, tied the knot with businessman and entertainment lawyer Edgardo Canales. Canales, who was born in 1987 and is currently 37 years old, rose to fame after their public marriage, even with Arjona’s ten-year public career. The voyage of Edgardo Canales and the personal tale that preceded his ascent to fame as Adria Arjona’s spouse are examined in this article.

Edgardo Canales had established a prosperous career in entertainment law before to gaining notoriety as a result of his union with Adria Arjona. He handled the legal side of commercial transactions and helped customers navigate the intricacies of the entertainment sector as part of his job. He became known for being an expert and competent

Canales’ professional achievements remained relatively low-key until his marriage to Adria Arjona.The audience was intrigued by the couple’s union and wanted to know more about the man who had won the gifted actress over. Even though their relationship has received a lot of attention, Canales has achieved his own goals and has developed an own professional personality that sets him separate from his wife.

This trip from relative obscurity to the public eye highlights the nuanced mechanics of celebrity and the impact of interpersonal connections on public opinion. Edgardo Canales is best known for being Adria Arjona’s spouse, but his talents and experience in entertainment law speak for themselves. He has successfully navigated the spotlight alongside Arjona, juggling the responsibilities of a well-publicized marriage with his career aspirations.

Edgardo Canales Biography

American entertainment lawyer Edgardo Rafael Canales Guastella was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico. His upbringing in an educated and nurturing environment laid the foundation for his future success in school and the workplace.

2009 saw Canales graduate from the Wallace E. Carroll School of Management with a bachelor’s degree in finance. After that, he studied law at the University of Puerto Rico, where he graduated in 2012 with a Juris Doctor (J.D.). In 2013, he pursued additional specialization and graduated with a Master of Law (LLM) in Entertainment and Media Law from Southwestern Law School.

His father, a lawyer, had an impact on his decision to pursue legal studies. This relationship with his family served as the source of motivation and direction for Canales to


Full NameEdgardo Rafael Canales Guastella
Year of Birth1987
Edgardo Canales Age37 years old
Marital StatusMarried
Edgardo Canales WifeAdria Arjona
Edgardo Canales ParentsSuncy Guastella (mother)
Famous forBeing Adria Arjona’s Husband
Edgardo Canales Net Worth$2 Million

Edgardo Canales Age

Edgardo Canales will turn 37 in 2024.He was born in 1987. Suncy Guastella, his mother, was born in the United States, and he grew up in a home with high moral standards and a firm belief in Christianity.Canales has forged his own way, concentrating on his work as an entertainment lawyer and keeping a quiet profile, despite the fact that he is frequently connected to Hollywood thanks to his marriage to actress Adria Arjona.

Though married to a well-known actress, Canales is renowned for maintaining a private life despite the attention he receives from the public. His $2 million projected net worth is proof of his accomplishments in the legal industry. Even if he sporadically goes to prestigious events with

Edgardo Canales Height

Edgardo Canales stands an astounding 183 centimeters tall, or around 6 feet, making him a tall and striking figure. He is clearly taller than the ordinary individual due to his imposing appearance and height.

He is a healthy and proportionate weight for his height at little under 85 kilos, or around 187 pounds. His tall frame is complemented by his well-balanced physique, which reflects a lifestyle that prioritizes health and wellbeing. Overall, his stature and weight project a powerful, physically fit persona, which is appropriate given his work in the competitive field of entertainment law.

Edgardo Canales Education

Edgardo Canales separated himself scholastically in 2009 when he procured a four year certification in finance with distinction from Boston School’s Wallace E.This achievement demonstrated his dedication and intelligence, provided him with a solid foundation for his future career,and Carroll Graduate School of Management.

Canales decided to focus on the legal field when he enrolled in the law program at the University of Puerto Rico after completing his undergraduate education.In 2012, he earned his Juris Doctor (J.D.),demonstrating his dedication to the pursuit of legal excellence.

Edgardo’s perseverance and passion were evident when he committed a full year to specializing in “Entertainment and Media Law,” despite the usual obstacles connected with advanced legal studies. During this time of intense study, he developed a profound

Edgardo Canales Personal life

Edgardo Canales and Adria Arjona’s romantic adventure began in 2017,and it developed into a committed and loving partnership.The couple’s trajectory drastically reversed when they announced their engagement in 2020,proving their undying love for one another.Their relationship reached a new height in June of that year when they secretly married and began their married life.

Adria Arjona has spoken at length about Edgardo’s profound influence on her life—both personally and professionally. For her to achieve and be happy, he is recognized as her “rock” and “biggest supporter,” and she refers to him as such.  She has thanked him in interviews for his steadfast encouragement and support, which have been crucial to her career and

Edgardo Canales Family

Edgardo Canales’s father was a lawyer, therefore it’s possible that his father’s commitment to the legal profession motivated him. His decision to seek legal education and later launch a career in entertainment law was probably greatly influenced by his family.

Edgardo’s mother, Sunny Guastella, on the other hand, added to the family’s varied skill set as a Level II Executive Consultant at Rodan + Fields. Sunny’s engagement in the commercial and marketing aspects of the industry is evident in the company’s reputation for emphasizing beauty and cosmetic products.

Sunny Guastella worked as an assistant marketing manager at Bodies The Exhibition, a distinctive science museum that investigates the humanThis diverse family background may have contributed to Edgardo’s success in the entertainment law industry and his understanding of the broader business landscape.

Edgardo Canales Career 

Edgardo Canales started his career in the entertainment sector as a lawyer and eventually got a big job at STX Entertainment. As a manager, he oversaw Business & Legal Affairs and foreign Production, which meant he had to handle the intricate legal ramifications of producing entertainment and forming foreign collaborations. His experience at STX shown his capacity to manage complex legal issues and business difficulties in a fast-moving industry.

Edgardo gained a diverse range of experiences prior to joining STX Entertainment, which shaped his professional trajectory.He gained knowledge of the inner workings of the entertainment industry while employed at William Morris Endeavor,one of Hollywood’s leading talent agencies.Additionally, he made contributions to the Movie Package Company in California, thereby broadening his knowledge in

Edgardo Canales Net Worth

Edgardo Canales was estimated to have a net worth of $1 million in 2022,however this figure has not been formally verified.His career in the entertainment industry,where he has held a variety of positions in business,production,and law,is mostly responsible for his fortune.

Throughout his career, Canales has held prominent roles in company management and entertainment law. His work at STX Entertainment, where he managed International Production and Business & Legal Affairs, has been a key contributor to his financial success. His prior positions at businesses like William Morris Endeavor and the Movie Package Company in California have also contributed to his wide variety of expertise and sources of income.

Although Canales’s estimated net worth indicates a successful career, it’s important to remember that a large portion of his income derives from his proficiency navigating the intricate legal and business landscape of the entertainment industry.His anticipated net worth in 2022 is a result of his ability to build a strong financial foundation.Despite the media attention that frequently accompanies prominent positions in entertainment,Canales has kept a low profile by discreetly concentrating on his professional and personal lives.

Edgardo Canales Relationship

The romantic tale of Edgardo Canales and Adria Arjona began in February 2016, signaling the beginning of a significant bond that would ultimately result in marriage. The pair formally announced their love in August 2019 at a moving ceremony held at the charming Hotel Casa Santo Domingo in La Antigua, Guatemala, after years of fortifying their relationship.

The celebrated actress Adria Arjona revealed the specifics of her engagement ring on Instagram, marking the beginning of a new chapter in their relationship. The couple’s kind attitude to the festivities was what set their wedding apart. To show their commitment to giving back and having a good influence, they invited their guests to give books or other items for children in need instead of asking for typical wedding gifts.


Full Name: Edgardo Rafael Canales Guastella

Year of Birth: 1987

Age: 37 years old (as of 2024)

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: Mixed

Religion: Christianity

Occupation: Entertainment Lawyer, Businessman

Education: Bachelor’s degree in Finance from Boston College’s Wallace E. Carroll School of Management (2009); Juris Doctor (J.D.) from the University of Puerto Rico (2012); Master of Law (LLM) in Entertainment and Media Law from Southwestern Law School (2013)

Spouse: Married to Puerto Rican actress Adria Arjona since 2019

Net Worth: Estimated at $2 million

Known For: His career in entertainment law and his marriage to Adria Arjona


Edgardo Canales is an American entertainment lawyer and businessman born in 1987. He gained significant public attention after marrying Puerto Rican actress Adria Arjona in 2019, although he had established a successful career prior to that. Canales holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from Boston College’s Wallace E. Carroll School of Management, a Juris Doctor (J.D.) from the University of Puerto Rico, and a Master of Law (LLM) in Entertainment and Media Law from Southwestern Law School. His professional expertise has led to roles at prominent entertainment companies, including STX Entertainment, where he managed International Production and Business & Legal Affairs. His estimated net worth is approximately $2 million.

Despite the public attention that comes with his marriage to Adria Arjona, Edgardo Canales is known for keeping a low profile, focusing on his career and maintaining a private lifestyle. He has a strong background in entertainment law, and his role as a manager at STX Entertainment has been instrumental in his financial success.


Who is Edgardo Canales?

Edgardo Canales is an American entertainment lawyer and businessman, known for his career in entertainment law and his marriage to Puerto Rican actress Adria Arjona.

What is Edgardo Canales’s educational background?

Edgardo Canales holds a bachelor’s degree in finance from Boston College’s Wallace E. Carroll School of Management, a Juris Doctor (J.D.) from the University of Puerto Rico, and a Master of Law (LLM) in Entertainment and Media Law from Southwestern Law School.

When did Edgardo Canales marry Adria Arjona?

Edgardo Canales married Adria Arjona in 2019, in an intimate ceremony at the Hotel Casa Santo Domingo in La Antigua, Guatemala.

What is Edgardo Canales’s net worth?

Edgardo Canales’s estimated net worth is approximately $2 million, derived from his career in entertainment law and business.

How does Edgardo Canales maintain a private lifestyle?

Although he is married to a well-known actress, Edgardo Canales is known for keeping a low profile and focusing on his career and personal life. He often supports his wife at public events but generally maintains a more private lifestyle.

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