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Michelle Smallmon’s Spouse, Age, Wiki, Career, Net Worth And More

Michelle Smallmon Spouse

Michelle Smallmon Spouse emerged as a notable figure In the domain of sports broadcasting and production. Recognized for her enthralling presence on the airwaves, she presently co-hosts ESPN Radio’s flagship morning program, broadcasting from dawn until 10 a.m. Eastern Time, alongside the dynamic pair of Keyshawn Johnson and Jay Williams. Smallmon possesses an innate charisma and keen insights, which have enabled her to establish a distinguished presence in the fiercely competitive realm of sports media.

Her seamless connection with co-hosts Johnson and Williams transmutes the airwaves into a vibrant arena where sports enthusiasts eagerly converge for their daily dose of analysis, commentary, and animated discourse.

Who Is Michelle Smallmon?

Michelle Smallmon, awesome co-host on ESPN Radio’s morning show that everyone tunes into. But did you know her journey to the top started way back when she was just grinding it out as a radio producer for ESPN? Yep, she’s got experience both locally and nationally. And get this, she’s not just about radio; Michelle’s also been the hype person for St. Louis’ XFL team, the Battlehawks. But before all that, she was making waves at 101ESPN from 2009 to 2015. That’s where she really made her mark.

Michelle Smallmon’s Wiki

Full NameMichelle Smallmon
Date of BirthAugust 13, 1986
Age37 years old
Birth PlaceBelleville, Illinois, USA
Marital StatusUnmarried
Husband NameEnrique Iglesias
Father NameTony
Mother NameRobin Smallmon
Height5 feet 7 inches
Weight65 kg
Eye ColorBlack
Hair ColorBlond
Net Worth$1 million to $2 million

Michelle Smallmon’s Education

Michelle’s journey through school was like watching a fire ignite. It all began in her hometown of Belleville, Illinois, where she attended the local high school. It was there that her love for sports truly came alive. After graduation, she dove headfirst into higher education, eagerly choosing a university known far and wide for its stellar journalism program.

Her heart was set on sports journalism, a field that spoke to her soul. During her time at university, Michelle poured herself into honing her craft. She was an active member of the sports broadcasting club and was often in the heart of things. She was forming herself into the professional she is today during those crucial years. Her teachers recognized something exceptional in her right away, frequently complimenting her on her commitment and perceptive observations.

Michelle proudly displayed her accolades as she crossed the stage on graduation day, a monument to her many hours of dedication. Her schooling provided her with the tools she needed to thrive and served as the stable foundation for her profession. Michelle’s tale serves as a powerful reminder of the value of having a strong sense of enthusiasm and pursuing your goals with all of your heart.

Michelle Smallmon’s Age

Michelle hails from Belleville, Illinois, born back in ’86. With each passing year, she adds another chapter to her life, now standing at 37. August 13th is a special date on her calendar, marking the day she came into the world.

Michelle Smallmon’s Height & Weight

Michelle stands tall at about 5 feet 7 inches, a height that complements her busy and active lifestyle perfectly. With a weight of around 65 kilograms, she maintains a healthy physique, keeping up with the demands of her vibrant routine. Michelle’s charm radiates from her captivating brown hair and alluring black eyes, which add to her appealing presence.

Michelle Smallmon’s Early Life And Background

Michelle’s childhood was all about those good ol’ Midwest values, you know? People who were more like family than neighbors surrounding her as a child in Belleville, Illinois. She was raised by all of them, and the group was incredibly close-knit.

She practically lived on the baseball fields and basketball courts. That’s where she learned the importance of having each other’s backs, teamwork, you name it. Her parents were big on her being active, so they always encouraged her to get out there and play, learn, and just soak up life.

But it wasn’t just about sports. Michelle was a star at school too. Her teachers saw something special in her—beyond just getting good grades. They fueled her love for storytelling, sports, and speaking her mind. And man, those summers spent watching games and analyzing plays with her buddies, or cozying up by the fireplace in winter to chat strategy—those were the moments that really shaped her.

All those experiences, from the ball fields to the classrooms to the family talks, they’re what made Michelle who she is today. From her roots in Belleville to her achievements now, it’s been one heck of a journey, guided by the values and support she’s had since day one.

Michelle Smallmon’s Personal Life

Regarding her personal life, Michelle Smallmon is a little enigmatic. She has always exercised caution in both her public and private life. She maintains a low profile when it comes to her love relationships, which is consistent with her general privacy philosophy.

Instead of letting the spotlight shine on her personal affairs, Michelle prefers to keep it focused on her professional accomplishments. But those who know her well say she’s all about forging deep connections with others. Her inner circle describes her as someone who’s fiercely loyal and full of love. Anyone who gets close to her would have to share her passions and respect her ambitions.

Every now and then, she’ll drop a hint or two about her love life, always with a sense of warmth. But she’s quick to steer the conversation back to topics like sports or broadcasting. Her fans might wonder and speculate, but they also understand and appreciate her need for privacy. They know that when Michelle feels ready, she’ll open up more. Until then, her romantic escapades remain a secret chapter in her otherwise very public life.

Michelle Smallmon’s Family

At the core of her journey lies her family. Born into a tightly knit unit, her roots run deep. They originate from Belleville, Illinois, a place they proudly call home. Her parents have stood as her staunchest supporters, backing her every endeavor. From her early days on little league fields to her current role in broadcasting booths, their cheers have echoed through every step of her journey.

Michelle often regales tales of their profound influence on her. Her siblings, too, share a bond fortified by a shared love for sports. Family gatherings effortlessly morph into lively debates about games. Holidays are marked by traditions seamlessly blending sports and togetherness. It’s evident that Michelle’s fervor for sports is a collective family passion.

Their steadfast encouragement has been instrumental in her career trajectory. Michelle attributes much of her success to the solid foundation they’ve provided. During interviews, she consistently underscores the pivotal role they’ve played. For Michelle, family isn’t merely significant; it embodies everything.


Michelle has not yet disclosed her intentions to become a mother. She prefers to keep some things to herself and is rather private about her personal life. Anything having to do with kids is one of those things.When she’s in the public eye, Michelle prefers to talk about her career rather than her family plans.

Instead, she shares her thoughts and insights about the sports world, which her fans really appreciate. They understand and respect her decision to keep her personal life private. They see her as a true professional who’s dedicated to her work. By setting boundaries, Michelle ensures that the focus remains on her accomplishments.

People understand and support her choice to maintain privacy, which is great. Michelle’s story is inspiring to many, but she’s entitled to keep some parts of her life just for herself. So, until she decides to share more, her fans will patiently wait and continue to support her.

Michelle Smallmon Before Fame

Before Michelle Smallmon rose to fame, her roots in Belleville, Illinois, were deeply embedded. Growing up amidst the small-town warmth and community closeness, she found her passions blossoming. In Belleville, sports weren’t just recreational activities; they were threads in the fabric of tradition. For Michelle, childhood was spent on the baseball fields and basketball courts that dotted the town.

These playgrounds were more than just places to play; they were her earliest classrooms. Her parents noticed her natural affinity for sports from an early age and wholeheartedly supported her endeavors. Days were divided between schoolwork and sports, and Michelle thrived in both domains. Her energetic commentary during games quickly became her trademark.

Her talent for storytelling, evident even then, hinted at the path she would eventually tread. She found her initial audience among friends and family, who were fascinated by her observations and held on to everything she said. They had no idea that they were seeing the beginning of an incredible adventure. Michelle’s rise to fame started in her hometown, where her aspirations took hold and took off.

Michelle Smallmon’s Career

Smallmon’s journey in media began in 2008 when she started as a news production assistant at KSDK in St. Louis. She then found her groove at 101 ESPN, where she wore multiple hats as a producer and on-air personality, contributing to iconic shows like The Fast Lane with Randy Karraker and D’Marco Farr.

But her story took her beyond St. Louis. In 2015, she ventured to ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut, diving into radio production for shows like Mike & Mike and The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz, even stepping into hosting roles on ESPN Radio weekends.

Yet, the pull of home brought her back to 101 ESPN in 2018, where she made history by co-hosting Karraker & Smallmon, marking the first time a woman’s name graced a show on the station.

In 2022, she embarked on a new national endeavor, joining ESPN Radio’s morning program alongside Keyshawn Johnson and Jay Williams. Beyond the studio, she lit up live events, from hosting New Year’s Eve parties to engaging interviews at the USBWA dinner.

Her love for sports extended beyond the mic as she worked with St. Louis City SC and hyped up fans as the in-game host for the St. Louis Battlehawks. And when she’s not on air, she’s delving into her passion for soccer through her podcast, Soccer Talks, sharing stories and insights with her listeners, just like chatting with friends.

Michelle Smallmon’s Achievements

At 37 years old, Michelle Smallmon exudes the rich tapestry of experience woven through her career. From her roots as a fervent sports fan to becoming a revered radio host, her journey is a living testament to relentless dedication and unwavering commitment.

With each step along her path, Michelle has etched remarkable milestones into her story. Hosting shows, capturing the essence of major sporting events, and igniting a spark in aspiring broadcasters, she’s left an indelible mark on her field. What really makes her stand out is her natural ability to cross boundaries; even in a world where men predominate, she can interact with all genders of sports fans with ease. Michelle is more than simply a broadcaster—she’s a source of motivation for people who have the audacity to pursue their dreams.

Michelle Smallmon’s Salary And Net Worth

As of last year, Michelle Smallmon is estimated to have a net worth somewhere between $1 million to $2 million. She earns approximately $100,000 annually as a radio broadcaster and producer for ESPN Radio.

Michelle Smallmon’s Relationship

Michelle has not disclosed her marital status or current romantic involvement. Preferring to keep this aspect of her life private, she directs all her energies towards her professional pursuits.

At the age of 37, Michelle maintains an active presence on Instagram, boasting a following of over 19.4K individuals. Her social media feed is replete with updates pertaining to her professional endeavors and leisure activities enjoyed in the company of her acquaintances.

Michelle Smallmon’s Social Media Presence

Michelle Smallmon epitomizes more than a conventional radio host; she embodies a figure with whom one can authentically engage, particularly within the digital domain. Her ubiquitous presence spans various social media platforms, notably Twitter and Instagram, offering enthusiasts a glimpse into her realm.

On Twitter, she transcends mere sports discourse; she delves into interactive exchanges with aficionados, proffering her insights on matches, and occasionally divulging exclusive backstage anecdotes. Her tweets exude not only astuteness but also a subtle infusion of wit, elevating online sports banter to a realm of heightened enjoyment.

Meanwhile, Instagram serves as Michelle’s canvas, vividly portraying her daily escapades. From idyllic coffee shop rendezvous to exhilarating sporting spectacles, her posts encapsulate the quintessence of her quotidian adventures. It’s akin to being granted privileged access to the inner sanctum of her existence, a facet that resonates profoundly with her ardent followers. She transcends the mere persona of a radio luminary; rather, she embodies palpable authenticity, thereby endowing her social media presence with an unparalleled allure.


Michelle Smallmon is a prominent figure in sports broadcasting, currently co-hosting ESPN Radio’s flagship morning program alongside Keyshawn Johnson and Jay Williams. Born on August 13, 1986, in Belleville, Illinois, Michelle’s journey in media began with roles at KSDK and 101 ESPN before joining ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut. She has made significant contributions to various shows and events, showcasing her passion for sports and storytelling. Michelle maintains a private personal life, preferring to focus on her career achievements. Despite her privacy, she engages with fans through social media, offering insights and glimpses into her professional and leisure activities.


  1. Michelle Smallmon was born on August 13, 1986, in Belleville, Illinois.
  2. She attended a university with a renowned journalism program, where she honed her skills in sports journalism.
  3. Michelle started her media career as a news production assistant at KSDK in St. Louis in 2008.
  4. She has worked at 101 ESPN and ESPN headquarters in Bristol, Connecticut, contributing to various shows and events.
  5. Michelle co-hosts ESPN Radio’s morning program alongside Keyshawn Johnson and Jay Williams since 2022.
  6. Outside of radio, she has been involved with live events and sports teams, including St. Louis City SC and the St. Louis Battlehawks.
  7. Michelle maintains a private personal life, keeping details about her marital status and relationships undisclosed.
  8. She is active on social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, where she shares updates about her professional endeavors and leisure activities.


  1. Is Michelle Smallmon married?

Michelle Smallmon’s marital status remains undisclosed. She maintains privacy regarding her personal life, including romantic relationships.

  1. What is Michelle Smallmon’s net worth?

Michelle Smallmon’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million to $2 million. She earns approximately $100,000 annually as a radio broadcaster and producer for ESPN Radio.

  1. Where is Michelle Smallmon from?

Michelle Smallmon hails from Belleville, Illinois, USA.

  1. What shows has Michelle Smallmon hosted?

Michelle Smallmon has hosted various shows, including ESPN Radio’s morning program alongside Keyshawn Johnson and Jay Williams. She has also contributed to shows like The Fast Lane with Randy Karraker and D’Marco Farr and The Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz.

  1. What is Michelle Smallmon’s educational background?

Michelle Smallmon attended a university with a renowned journalism program, where she pursued her passion for sports journalism and honed her skills.

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