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Who Is Jaya Kelly? Wiki, Age, Family, Career And More

Who Is Jaya Kelly?

Jaya Kelly, a 23-year-old American singer whose story has captivated hearts worldwide. You may recognize her name as the daughter of the renowned R&B sensation, R. Kelly. But Jaya’s story goes far beyond her famous lineage.

Brought up at the center of attention, Jaya stood out as truly newsworthy in 2014 when she boldly reported her reality to the world: she is a transsexual male. This critical second revealed insight into her own process as well as ignited significant discussions about character and acknowledgment.

We’ll examine Jaya’s achievements and difficulties as we peel back the layers of her life.Jaya’s tale is one of tenacity and self-discovery, from negotiating celebrity to accepting her own self.Join us as we delve into the inspiring tale of Jaya Kelly, and discover the truth behind her remarkable journey of transformation.

Jaya Kelly: Wiki

Full NameJaya Kelly
NicknameJaah Baby
Year of Birth2000
Age23 years old (as of 2023)
Place of BirthUnited States of America
Height (feet)5’8″
Height (cm)172
Weight (lbs)123
Weight (kg)63
Hair ColourBlack
Eye ColourDark Brown
MotherAndrea “Lee” Danyell
FatherRobert Sylvester Kelly
Net Worth$300,000 to $500,000

Jaya Kelly: Age

He is 23 years of age in 2023. Jaya’s folks are Robert Sylvester Kelly, a well known performer/sentenced s*x guilty party, and Andrea “Lee” Danyell, a choreographer and entertainer. Jaah is the second brought into the world in a group of three youngsters. His kin incorporate Joann (brought into the world in 1998) and Robert Jr (brought into the world in 2002).

Growing up, Jaah moved houses habitually with his family because of his dad’s calling. Thus, he had not many companions and found it trying to open up to individuals outside his circle about his orientation smoothness. Jaah uncovered that he confronted harassing at school accordingly.

Jaya Kelly: Background Information 

Jaya was born as a girl, the second child among three siblings, in the United States back in 2000. Growing up in a typical American household, Jaya lived with his parents and siblings. His family roots traced back to African American heritage, and they all held American citizenship.

Now, Jaya identifies as a transgender male. When he bravely came out about his true identity in 2014, his mom stood by him, offering unwavering support and doing everything she could to help him through this journey. However, his dad struggled to accept it, expressing opposition to Jaya’s transition. Despite the challenges, Jaya persisted in being true to himself, supported by his loving mother.

Jaya Kelly: Early Life 

Jaya Kelly grew up in a household where fame and talent collided daily. Her dad, R. Kelly, was a renowned R&B singer, and her mom, Andrea Kelly, starred in reality TV and dazzled as a dancer and choreographer. But behind the glitz were the shadows of her parents’ struggles, especially her father’s controversies, which often spilled into the public eye.

In this whirlwind of fame and drama, Jaya found her footing. Despite the chaos, she discovered her love for art and self-expression early on, thanks to her family’s rich creative atmosphere.Yet,alongside the highs came the lows, as she grappled with the pressures of growing up under constant scrutiny.

Through it all, Jaya’s journey was a blend of triumphs and trials. She faced the challenge of defining herself amidst the noise of her parents’ fame and the expectations of the public. But within that struggle, she found her voice, her passion, and her unique path forward.

Jaya Kelly: Personal life 

Jaya Kelly comes from a family with quite the mix of fame and controversy. Her dad is a hugely successful singer, songwriter, and record producer, loved by fans worldwide for his music. But unfortunately, he’s also gained notoriety for some really troubling stuff. He’s been convicted and is currently serving time for serious sexual offenses and abuse. It’s a dark shadow on what would otherwise be an illustrious career.

Her mom, Andrea Lee, is in a different spotlight altogether. She’s a well-known dancer, choreographer, and actress, having appeared in movies like “Cheating in the Next Room” and “Aim.”Jaya’s parents were once married back in 1996, but they went their separate ways in 2009. It’s a family story that’s seen both the highs of success and the lows of scandal and separation.

The Story of Jaya Kelly: R. Kelly’s Transgender Child

Born in 2000 in the heart of the United States, Jaya Lee Kelly came into the world as the child of two notable figures: American choreographer Andrea Kelly and the renowned singer R. Kelly. Jaya’s roots run deep in African American heritage, inheriting the nationality of the United States from his proud parents.

From a tender age, Jaya knew something within him didn’t align with the gender assigned at birth. Despite being labeled female, he identified strongly as male. It took immense courage, but in 2014, Jaya took the monumental step of coming out as a transgender male. In this challenging time, Jaya found a pillar of support in his mother, Andrea. Her unwavering love and encouragement became his guiding light as he embarked on this deeply personal journey.

However, not everyone in Jaya’s life shared Andrea’s acceptance. His father, R. Kelly, struggled to come to terms with Jaya’s identity, creating a painful divide within the family. Despite this, Jaya remained resolute in his truth, facing the harsh realities of bullying from peers who couldn’t understand his choices. But Jaya refused to let their ignorance dim his spirit.

Through each hardship, Jaya went ahead, embracing his valid self with resolute assurance. His process was difficult, however it drove him to finish his progress and arise as the sure, transsexual male he was constantly intended to be. Today, Jaya lives gladly and proudly, a demonstration of the force of self-revelation and acknowledgment.

What Was His Family’s Reaction To Him Doing Surgery?

Despite the prevailing conservative attitudes towards the LGBTQ+ community in America, Jaah found surprisingly little resistance when he decided to openly share his sexuality.To his immense relief and joy, his family and friends rallied around him with unwavering support.He’ll always cherish the moment when his mother, whom he deeply cares about, reassured him with words of unconditional love: “No matter what, you’re my child and I’ll love you endlessly, whether you’re bi, gay, lesbian, or anything else.”

Jaya, on the other hand, felt an overwhelming sense of gratitude towards his mother for embracing his transgender identity. It meant the world to him that his friends and siblings not only accepted him as a man but celebrated him for who he truly was. Every compliment from his sister and encouragement from their younger brother filled him with a sense of pride and belonging that words can hardly describe.

Jaya Kelly: Parents 

Andrea Lee and R. Kelly tied the knot back in ’96 after a whirlwind romance.She was just 22, and he was 29 at the time. Andrea used to dance backup for Kelly before they got hitched. But sadly,their marriage was far from perfect, marred by stories of both physical and emotional abuse.

Their relationship couldn’t endure the strain, and they tapped out in 2009 in the wake of being together for a considerable length of time. They share three children together – Jaya, Joanna, and Robert Jr. Joanna, who was brought into the world in ’98, takes after her father’s melodic gifts and performs under the name Buku Abi. On the other hand, Robert Jr., born in 2002, seems to be carving his own path as a college basketball player.

Jaya Kelly: Siblings

Jaya Kelly, a native of the United States, grew up in a household with two siblings. His older sister, JoAnn Kelly, found her calling in music and adopted the stage name Buku Ab. Meanwhile, his younger brother, Robert Kelly Jr., pursued basketball, showcasing his talent on the court.

In high school, Jaya’s path diverged as he unearthed his deep-seated love for music. Immersed in melodies and beats, he spent countless hours refining his craft. When the time came for further education, Jaya made a bold choice to follow his heart and fully commit to his musical aspirations, forgoing the traditional route of higher learning.

Jaya Kelly: Career Endeavors and Achievements

Jaya Kelly’s life isn’t just about the headlines surrounding her family or personal journey; she’s also making her mark in the professional world. She keeps her career close to the chest, preferring to define herself beyond her family’s fame.

In the realm of art and activism, Jaya shines. She’s passionate about using her platform to advocate for transgender rights and raise awareness. Her approach is deeply personal, drawing from her own experiences to fuel her advocacy efforts.

While she might not shout about her specific projects or achievements from the rooftops, Jaya’s dedication to these causes is unmistakable. It’s a vital part of who she is and how she navigates her career, showing that one’s voice and talents can truly make a difference in the world.

Legacy and Impact

Jaya Kelly’s impact goes beyond the pages of her life story—it’s woven into the fabric of conversations about who we are and how we’re accepted. Imagine being young, grappling with your identity, and doing so under the scrutiny of the public eye. Jaya’s journey isn’t just hers; it’s a mirror for countless others navigating similar paths.

What separates her isn’t simply her own dauntlessness in sharing her story, however her devotion to supporting the privileges of transsexual people. In this present reality where acknowledgment can feel like a difficult task, she remains as an encouraging sign and versatility. Through her transparency, she’s not simply telling her reality; she’s reshaping the story around character.

Jaya Kelly instructs us that validness isn’t simply strong — it’s progressive. By embracing what our identity is, proudly and without reservation, we make ready for a more comprehensive and grasping society. In a way that would sound natural to her and activities, she helps us to remember the extraordinary force of living our reality, regardless of the hindrances we face.

Jaya Kelly: Net worth

According to reports, the young celebrity supposedly has a net worth somewhere in the range of $300,000 to $500,000.Jaya makes her money primarily through singing. She’s been hitting the stage at different events, raking in a good chunk of change along the way. Plus, her tracks on SoundCloud bring in some extra cash through royalties.

Jaya Kelly: Social Media

It’s been a while since anyone heard from @Jaah.bby on SoundCloud. You know, there’s some speculation swirling around that it’s actually Jaya Kelly behind that account. You remember Jaya, right? The child of R. Kelly who made headlines a few years back when he bravely came out as transgender. It was a tough journey for him, facing depression and bullying along the way. But by 2023, Jaya seemed to have found his stride, embracing his true self and even pursuing a career in music.

It’s a shame though, seeing that the SoundCloud account has been pretty dormant lately. I wonder if it has anything to do with all the online harassment and trolling Jaya might be facing, especially with all the legal trouble surrounding his father. It’s tough enough dealing with your own stuff, let alone having to constantly battle against negativity online.


Jaya Kelly, a 23-year-old American singer, gained international attention in 2014 when he bravely came out as a transgender male. Born into the spotlight as the child of R&B sensation R. Kelly and choreographer Andrea “Lee” Danyell, Jaya’s journey of self-discovery and acceptance has been both inspiring and challenging. Despite facing opposition, particularly from his father, Jaya persevered, supported by his loving mother and siblings. His story highlights the importance of authenticity and resilience in the face of adversity.


  1. Background: Born in 2000 in the United States, Jaya Kelly grew up in a household immersed in fame and talent, with his parents R. Kelly and Andrea “Lee” Danyell.
  2. Identity Revelation: In 2014, Jaya publicly announced his identity as a transgender male, facing both support and opposition from his family and society.
  3. Family Dynamics: While Jaya’s mother, Andrea, stood by him throughout his transition, his father, R. Kelly, struggled to accept Jaya’s identity, leading to a strained relationship.
  4. Career: Despite the challenges, Jaya pursued a career in music, using his platform to advocate for transgender rights and awareness.
  5. Net Worth: Reports suggest Jaya’s net worth ranges from $300,000 to $500,000, primarily earned through his music career.
  6. Social Media Presence: Jaya maintains a presence on SoundCloud under the username @Jaah.bby, where he shares his music and experiences.


  1. What is Jaya Kelly’s birth name?

Jaya Kelly was born as a female but later came out as a transgender male. His birth name before transitioning was not specified in the provided information.

  1. What is Jaya Kelly’s family background?

Jaya is the child of R&B singer R. Kelly and choreographer Andrea “Lee” Danyell. He has two siblings: an older sister named JoAnn, who performs under the stage name Buku Ab, and a younger brother named Robert Jr.

  1. How did Jaya Kelly’s family react to his transition?

While Jaya’s mother, Andrea, offered unwavering support, his father, R. Kelly, struggled to accept Jaya’s identity. Despite this, Jaya found support from his siblings and friends.

  1. What is Jaya Kelly’s career focus?

Jaya is primarily focused on his career as a singer, using his platform to advocate for transgender rights and awareness.

  1. What is Jaya Kelly’s net worth?

Reports estimate Jaya Kelly’s net worth to be between $300,000 and $500,000, primarily earned through his music career and other endeavors.

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